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    MDS NameError: sca_removeSharedData

      Hi All,

      I am trying to delete a folder from MDS using sca_removeSharedData in offline mode and ending with below error.

      Traceback (innermost last):
      File "<console>", line 1, in ?
      NameError: sca_removeSharedData

      i run wslt.sh file from */u01/app/soadev/product/fmw11/middleware/oracle_common/common/bin* and gave below command

      sca_removeSharedData('http://Hostname:8001', 'apps/MDS/XSD').

      8001- SOA port
      apps/MDS/XSD-- my folder structure in MDS.

      could some once please let me know where i went wrong.

      Even i try wslt.sh from this path */u01/app/soadev/product/fmw11/middleware/wlserver_10.3/common/bin* but ended with same problem

      Thanks in Advance.

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