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    DRM Web Service


      We have successfully installed the DRM web service internally and now I am having some issues consuming it. I am using Visual Studio 2010. I was able to set up a proxy to the WSDL, but when I simply try to return a hier with the getHier capability, I'm not having any success: My code looks like:

      lblMessage.Text = myDRM.getHier("testversion", "test hier")

      Visual Studio is telling me that getHier cannot be converted to a String. Maybe I don't understand what getHier is going to return?
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          Excerpted from the API Guide

          Operation: getHier

          Input Parameters:
          string versionName: Version name field.
          string hierName: Hierarchy name field.

          Output Parameters:
          HierType hier: The hierarchy object type.

          Now we need the definition of the output parameter: hier:

          Type: HierType
          string versionName: Version name field.
          string name: The name of the hierarchy.

          So your code needs to look more like:

          myHier: HierType

          myHier = myDRM.getHier("testversion","test hier")
          lblMessage.Text = myHier.Name