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    Performance issue with large volume of records

      This is what is happening:

      The data transfer occurs from Machine A (home grown app running Oracle, Apache on Linux), through the broker piece on machine B (Windows 2008 running Weblogic) , to PeopleSoft on machine C (running Oracle on HPUX 11.23). The broker piece is a servlet which is part of PeopleSoft PeopleTools on Weblogic 9.2. The communication seems to bottleneck with a large number of records, where server A times out waiting for a response, but eventually, the end PeopleSoft environment gets the records long after the timeout on machine A occurs

      This is what we see:

      When we send under 500 records from Machine A, Machine C gets them almost immediately and sends a response back to Machine A. When we send over 500 (last night 912) we see them leaving Machine A but Machine A never gets a response and times out after 10 minutes. Machine C gets the ALL the records about 35 minutes later. It appears that something on Machine B is choking with the volume but eventually gets the records through.

      Does anyone have any idea what parameters we can try changing? Anyone know a Weblogic consultant in the NY area? Thank you