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    Stopping tile_admin_task


      I was wondering if there was an XML request that can be sent to the Mapviewer to stop a given request ID. For example, I send:
      <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?><map_cache_admin_request><tile_admin_task bounding_box="-9152985.50992705,211756.6,804911.230523399,4496856.99913578" zoom_levels="16,17,18,19,20" map_tile_layer="MVDEMO.AERIAL" operation="refresh_tiles"/></map_cache_admin_request>

      To start the admin task and receive a response:

      <estimates tile_remaining="155653406942" time_remaining="311306813884" disk_space_required="1556534069420000"/>

      I want to be able to cancel request_id 3 but can't find any example or documentation on the proper xml request. Does one exist? Or is there another way to stop this on the server side? Restarting web logic did not stop it, the tile server just starts up again.

      My Mapviewer version is: Ver11_1_1_5_B110617

      Any help would be appreciated.