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    An addtional Quota is always created while creating JMSQueue with Ant Scrip


      When I create JMSQueue on WLS using Ant script, an additional Quota is always being created for each of JMSQueue.
      For example, I created a JMS Queue which is named as "CommandQueue", then an Quota will be created which is named as "CommandQueue.Quota".

      Following is the script I was using.

      <wlconfig url="${weblogic.url}" username="${weblogic.username}" password="${weblogic.password}">

      <query domain="${weblogic.domain}" type="Server" name="${weblogic.server}" property="wls.server"/>
      <create type="JMSServer" name="JMSServer">
      <set attribute="Targets" value="${wls.server}"/>

      <create type="JMSQueue" name="CommandQueue">
      <set attribute="JNDIName" value="jms/CommandQueue"/>
      <set attribute="MessagesMaximum" value="-1"/>

      Is there anyone who can tell me how to solve this issue?

      Thanks very much.