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    Tuxedo Configuration

      Hi ,

      I need to Communicate with Tuxedo Server ,we are using Jboss6 App server .Please Suggest me How to approach to send Transactions to tuxedo server from My Jboss App server. here iam confusing, which one to use either Tuxedo JCA Adapter ,or Oracle Jolt .Please Suggest me Which one is better

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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          If you search the threads for "JOLT AND transcations" you should find this thread:
          Jolt transaction towards Tuxedo services - XA required

          At the end is a nice description by Todd Little:
          When a Jolt client calls startTransaction, a Tuxedo transaction is started on the behalf of the client by the JSH. Since this transaction is not part of the client's transaction environment (JTA, etc.) we call it a delegated transaction as the transaction work is done by the JSH, yet still controlled by the Jolt client. This is fully supported and the expected behavior of both Jolt clients as well as Workstation clients. Again, the key point about delegated transactions is they are not part of any transaction the client may be participating in outside the Tuxedo environment. So a Jolt client that is running in the context of a JTA transaction calling startTransaction will be involved in two separate and distinct transactions, the JTA transaction and the Tuxedo transaction. Thus the transaction outcomes can be different, i.e., the Tuxedo transaction could commit while the JTA transaction rollsback. If you need distributed transaction support between the clients transaction manager and Tuxedo's transaction manager you will need to use WTC which supports this type of distributed transaction.

          WTC is a subcomponent of WebLogic (i.e. WebLogic Tuxedo Connector) which does domain protocol communication with a remote Tuxedo domain.
          For JBoss, Tuxedo JCA would be similar to WTC in regard to providing distributed transaction support with Tuxedo.

          Bob Finan