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    Steps to create a cookieless domain in Weblogic


      I want to create a cookieless domain, to serve all the static contents like CSS,JS and images for my site to enhance it's performance. Could someone please let me know steps involved to set up a cookieless domain in Weblogic.

      Thanks in advance for yours assistance.


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          Generally session stickiness and failover are two important features provided by application server to manage your sessions effectively.This can be achieved either through cookies or url re-writing.

          For individual applications using servlets,you could disable cookies from the deployment descriptors.

          However,for your specific case,you may want to disable the cookies on your browser if you wish to access the static file directly.

          if you have a jsp or servlet which makes a call to static files ona nother server,then i think what you could do is create a war module with all the static images and disable cookies in the weblogic.xml file by setting cookies-enabled to false.