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    Cyrillic (Greek for example) Fonts.

      We are having a problem it seems with all BI Pubisher reports we developed.
      Essentially the problem is that they don't display Cyrillic characters.
      As an example, I am trying to get my report to display this string: Джтендер
      But instead it displays a bunch of question marks.
      I've read quite a few other entries about similar issues, and there is a bug on MyOracleSupport that mentions Cyrillic in the title but then introduces a fix regarding Japanese characters.
      I've setup the xdo logging and got that working locally.
      I can see the characters are correctly displayed in the XML log for example:


      But in the .pdf generated from it, it displays:

      I've already looked at one or two or three entries on here, but none of them had an actual resolution for the issue.
      So..anyone know how to solve? Ideally I could try whatever solution is proposed locally first..