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    Need some pointers to network simulation software

      Hello all,

      I'm developing a network application using serializable objects. My concern is how to go about simulating the transport layer so I can test this application. I looked into PeerSim but it does not quite fit what I'm trying to do.
      Some more details: This application uses as input some containers for neighbouring node data and uses those references to communicate over sockets, What I would like to be able to do is use some kind of framework that will instantiate my application (eg 1000 times) from which I can control/update these neighbour containers (define the topology), preferrably while it is running (simulate nodes going offline).
      The only modification i want to do to this application is to make a new implementation of my sender/receiver interfaces (currently using tcp implementation) and change the objects in the containers (e.g "Node" class of the framework) , or ideally just use some kind of a "simulation" socket. I know that I can write code to simulate the message passing without excessive modifications but i'm looking for latency e.t.c. simulation. Can anyone point me to a relevant framework/API that accomplishes this?

      Thank you in advance,
      Kind regards.