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    Can I Change the Bubble Background Color?

    John K.-Oracle
      Hi All,
      I finished recording my topic but I need to change the background color of the bubbles.

      I navigated to Tools > Options > Bubble and was able to select a new color, but it only changes the background on new frames, not exsisting frames. I need to change the existing frames. Is there is a way to do this for all frames withough re-recording the entire topic?

      I know i can change each existing frame individually but I'm looking for a way to change all the frames simultaneously.

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          There is no way to change the bubble background color of all frames in a recorded topic. In fact, the "Re-record topic" feature in the topic editor will not apply new defaults, such as bubble background color. The defaults in Tools - Options only apply to newly recorded topics. You will have to change each frame individually or record the topic new to use the new default background color.
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