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    Question about system catalog tables in oracle 11g database

      We have a customer issue and in order to trobleshoot that we need following information. We would really appreciate any input. I opened SR with support and they asked me to open a discussion here. Please see following.
      what is the meaning of the part# column of the sys.tabpart table and what are the possible values that can be entered into this system catalog table. Our findings are that Oracle may have varied the meaning of this column as the data that we are seeing returned is now > 2gig which does not make sense for a partition number.

      Our stored procedures use this information to retrieve information from the Oracle system tables to process a partitioned Oracle table. Our research has found that the limited description for this table (and columns) can be found in the following Oracle member at the following location:

      dpart.bsq --> ...... oracle database path... \RDMS\ADMIN folder

      The comment within this file notes the following:
      " this value is "partition number (see discussion below)"

      However, there is no additional discussion to describe what the value means and the possible variations. We need this information to move forward with our problem diagnosis and
      to see what kind of updates we need to make for our stored procedures....

      Thanks a lot in advance.