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    AR "AUTOMATIC RECEIPTS" Receipt Source

      Hi All,

      We've run into a situation with Receipt Sources that has us stumped. Receivables documentation states that the "AUTOMATIC RECEIPTS" receipt source is seeded and I believe it. Receipt sources are stored by OU and we have two "AUTOMATIC RECEIPTS" one for (let's call them) OU X and one for OU Y. We are now creating OU Z and do not find the "AUTOMATIC RECEIPTS" receipt source for this OU and, as Receivables documentaton states, we cannot create this type of receipt source since the system creates it for us. Or at least is supposed to do so and has in the past.

      We are unable to determine through documentation and searching through ar_batch_sources/ar_batch_sources_all object dependencies what creates the seeded "AUTOMATIC RECEIPTS" receipt sources. Does anyone know when/how the "AUTOMATIC RECEIPTS" is created?