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    Can we merge UPK Published Output?


      Can we merge the oracle delivered UPK output and our newly created UPK? We created UPK for our customized functionality and we want to combined that with Oracle delivered UPK so that it can be viewed as one outline.

      Thank you.


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          Hi Joyce,

          Correct me if I am wrong, but are you referring to company specific UPK content and Oracle Pre-Built content, and the mergning thereof?

          I have just implemented EBS pre-built content at a client, and it can most certainly "live" with customised content. The two, however, are published as separate entities. I am not too sure on the functional side, but you may be able to copy a frame from your "custom" company-specific content, and paste the frame in the pre-built content. You may have a few data mis-alignments, but hopefully it will work for you.

          What I would do, is rather only publish Pre-built content (made available to users) where no customisations on the system exist.
          Where the customisations do exist, I would then publish those specific modules.

          So your final published output may be the following (example EBS iProcurement output):
          1. Maintain Catalog Content (Oracle Pre-built)
          2. Manage Product Presentation (Oracle Pre-Built)
          3. Joyce's Guide to searching and Browsing (Company Specific / Customised Content)
          4. Performing Basic Shopping (Oracle Pre-Built)

          In this way, you may avoid re-working many modules. This is the one problem with pre-built content... it becomes difficult to use in a highly customised environment unless there is a dedicated resource that can modify it accordingly.

          I hope this all helps!