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    how set TZ 1 hr East of America/New_York ?

      For a script I need to create file names with date embedded in them,
      and since a lot of the files arrive (the box is in CDT) after midnight
      but just prior to it in CDT, I issue this at the top of the script:

      export TZ=America/New_York

      ... and get file names created for what (to CDT) would be the next
      Which is what I need.

      But that doesn't help me if the files I need to rename arrive prior to
      11 PM CDT.
      What is the next time zone east of America/New_York (1 hour east) and
      how would I modify the above command to reflect it? It's the only
      easy way to
      force the script to rename files with the next day's date in it.
      Otherwise the next
      script that needs to process them will think they're the previous
      day's files and
      error out.
      Thanks in advance.