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    Approve notifications

      Can anybody please tell me I want to use PL/SQL to approve notification like purchase order or purchase requisition. I have written following PL/SQL code for it.

      wf_notification.setattrtext ( nid => '7382356' -- notification id for Purchase order
      , aname => 'RESULT'
      , avalue => 'APPROVED' );
      wf_notification.respond ('7382356',NULL,'CHORTON');

      When I approve any purchase order from oracle workflow it approves successfully with activity status as 'complete' and Purchase Order is successfully approved status . But when I execute this PL/SQL code some of the activities has status as 'Active' and Purchase order is not in 'Approved' status but notification status is closed at the end of Approver user.Also I am not able to find error for this. Please let me know where i am going wrong.

      Thanks in advance.