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    Undeploy Cartridge in UIM (Error)

      Hi all,

      Ive successfully deployed the base cartridges in UIM using the Cartridge Deployer Tools (CDT). However there's a request by my supervisory to have it all undeployed. I tried the same method via CDT by select the 'Undeploy Cartridge' option this time around. In the final steps of undeployment, an error is generated as such:

      Queueing failed for ora_uim_uk_tn
      CODE-CARTRIDGE_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED-undeploy :The requested operation is not enabled for the current release of UIM

      Its the same for all the others base cartridges. Help anybody? =/

      Else is it possible to inactivate them? We just need to do a quick comparison before and after deployments.

      PS: Im using WebLogic 10.3.5 and UIM


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