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    "Failure of server APACHE bridge"

      we have installed Oracle Portal 11g and from time to time we notice the error "Failure of server APACHE bridge" when trying to access a page (not a specific one). I have noticed the following errors in the log files of WLS_PORTAL server:
      Message Level     1
      URI     /portal/pls/portal/DEV_PORTAL.wwsbr_javascript.page_js
      Relationship ID     0:1:1:1
      Component     WLS_PORTAL
      Module     oracle.portal
      Host     portal.neuropublic.com
      Host IP Address
      User     <anonymous>
      Thread ID     [ACTIVE].ExecuteThread: '14' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'
      ECID     15812048343922806
      Message     ERROR: Repository Gateway error: Request Processing Error: Bad name in the request: not a legal PLSQL identifer

      This is related to the metalink article "Error Message 'Bad name in the request: not a legal PLSQL identifer' Is Logged In application.log Every Five Minutes [ID 957412.1]" which implies a bug of EM 10g. We have EM 11g, isn' t it fixed?
      I have also noticed the error "ERROR: oracle.webdb.repository.service.RepositoryServiceException: Portal session creation failed". According to metalink article Troubleshooting Error: "Failure of server APACHE bridge" Accessing Portal Page [ID 1069135.1], this is noticable when IPv6 is enabled. But it isn' t (in the webcache.xml file) (</MULTIPORT>
      <IPV6 ENABLED="NO"/>)

      What could be wrong?
      Thanks in advance.