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    Unable to create address book for existing supplier R12.1.3

      I am trying to create address book as per Oracle® iSupplier Portal Implementation Guide Release 12.1 Part No. E16345-03. In one of the steps (P81), It says
      To Create Addresses Using Existing Supplier Site Information:
      1. Access the Supplier Profile Administrator responsibility.
      2. On the Supplier Manage Profile page, search for the supplier whose site address
      information you wish to use to create entries in the Address Directory.
      3. When the search results appear, select the supplier and click the View Details icon.
      4. On the Supplier Details page, click Address Book.
      5. On the Address Book page, click Create from Sites.

      However, I do not see "Create from sites" button on my page.

      I am working on r12.1.3. Can anbody please explain.