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    'Cannot get a connection from broswer helper after 15 seconds' err displaye

      - I have installed OATS (Version: Build 58) on Win XP.

      - The below ‘connection error’ message is displayed when I try to record a new ATS script:

      Steps I am following:
      1. Launch the ATS application from Windows
      2. Click on File -> New -> Oracle Fusion/ADE
      3. Click on ‘Next’ button and enter new script name e.g. “FusionFlow-1-02AUG2012-3” -> click on ‘Finish’ button
      4. Click on the ‘Record’ icon -> After 30secs the below error is displayed…

      "Cannot get a connection from the browser helper after 15 seconds. Do you want to continue waiting for the browser to load?"

      I have set Firefox as my Browser Type under: View -> OpenScript Preferences -> General -> Browsers -> Firefox (I have not specified a value in the 'Path Override' and 'Additional Arguments' fields)

      Is this a known issue or a application setting I need to update?
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          Have you tried with IE? Which FF version do you use?

          First make sure you have no error in the diagnostic tool (Help Menu in OpenScript)
          If you do not see any errors in diagnostic tool, then check the followings:

          1. FF menu : Toos->Check if you can see "Show OpenScrpt Toolbar" or not. Some security settings may turn it off considering our toolbar is a virus.

          2. Check if the helper service is up and running. Go to Start -> Run, type "services.msc" and open Services window. Find Oracle Application Testing Suite Helper services. See if it Started. Start if not started. If started, re-start it.

          3. if it has any other third party BHOs, disabled them. Go to FF menu Tools -> Add-ons Then, enable only two of ATS addons. (OpenScript.BHO and . Close the Manage Addon dialog, and check once again for the #1 above, to ensure the toobar is still "checked". Check if not checked.

          4. If the problem still persists, re-install the BHO may help.

          Reinstall BHOs:

          1). CLOSE OpenScript and all browser instances IE & FireFox
          2). Run C:\OracleATS\OpenScript\UninstallBrowserHelpers
          - Open Command Prompt, navigate to the OpenScript Install directory
          (i.e.) cd C:\OracleATS\OpenScript
          -Type: UninstallBrowserHelpers and hit Enter.
          3). DELETE the directory C:\OracleATS\OpenScript\Oracle IE toolBar 4). Run the script C:\OracleATS\OpenScript\InstallBrowserHelpers
          -In the Command Prompt window,
          -Type: InstallBrowserHelpers and hit Enter.

          Please record with OpenScript again to see if the problem persists.
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            Please check if Oracle.OATS.OpenScript.IEToolBar.OpenScriptToolBar is enabled in your IE.

            To check this, on IE, navigate to View > Toolbars.

            If Oracle.OATS.OpenScript.IEToolBar.OpenScriptToolBar isn't checked, then check it and then try again to record.