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    Adding weblogic server to eclipse

      I have installed weblogic 10.3.5 in my machine. I have checked out my project and now trying to add this to the app server. I went to server folder, right clicked

      Server - > Select Server under wizard - > select server -> next -> i see a list of servers.

      When i click oracle under the New Server my oracle weblogic is not listed. I can just see Oracle OC4J Standalone Server 10.1.3 and 10.1.3n. What should i do so my server is listed and i select them?
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          Legacy OC4J plugins ship with Eclipse, but to work with WebLogic Server, you need to install Oracle plugins or start with one of the pre-assembled Eclipse distros that you can find on OEPE download site. Given your current setup, perhaps the easiest way to get WebLogic Server Tools is to follow the "download additional server adapters" link in the "New Server Runtime Environment" wizard.

          - Konstantin