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      • 15. Re: Import error: ORA-01438
        To continue investigation of original issue, i.e.
        When try to import to Oracle11g, I got ORA-01438 on OT table:

        . . importing table "OT"
        IMP-00058: ORACLE error 1438 encountered
        ORA-01438: valor maior que a precisão especificada usado para esta coluna
        As Sergiusz suggests earlier, you have not narrowed this down yet. Running a trace while importing the table in question may be helpful in finding the offending statement, value, etc.

        Also none of the previous posts have shown OT table's schema name. There is a full import only and log excerpt is leaving out "... importing X's objects into ..." part.
        • 16. Re: Import error: ORA-01438
          Thanks everbody for your help.

          I did table copy from OT, after that I used CSSCAN for identify which line was corrupted, then I deleted this line and export it and I could to import this table in another database.


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