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    Mutliple Sorting in CRM List

      When looking in "Contacts" at a list it is only possible to sort this list by one column at a time. We need to be able to sort by multiple columns in order to manage the data efficiently.
      Exporting to excel and sorting is not what we want to do - we would like to be able to do this within CRM to save time.
      Can this be done?

      Please provide the any comments.

      Syed Asif
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          I suggest that you recreate the list as a report and then, in the Create Layout step, edit the Table view. Click Edit Table View Properties and check the Enable column sorting  in Dashboards option.

          If you preview the report, you should notice that the column headers are clickable and will sort the column values when clicked. Clicking another header will remove the previous sorting done.

          Here's the trick: Press CTRL while clicking the next header and it will re-sort the columns, but this time, it will observe the previous sort preference! Pressing CTRL is like using a "then by" statement: "Sort by column X, then by column Y, then by column Z, in that heirarchy."

          You can also put the report in a dashboard for easy access. :D