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    Remove DPS from Sun One Console

      Hi All

      I am in the process of retiring a few old directory servers that are still on Windows 2000 (I know!!). There are two directories and one proxy server. The two directories I'm not having issues with, but it looks like the DSP has not been functional for quite some time. All I want to do is remove the DSP and the other servers from the consoles of the servers that will be remaining. However, when I try to remove the DSP the "remove server" option is grayed out. I assume I either need to #1 figure out a way around this and remove it from the console some other way or #2 try to get the DSP running.

      Question I have is which of these two options is the best one? Also, does the DSP and other servers need to be even removed from the consoles of the servers that will remain? Or will removing them from the replication and uninstalling the software be enough?