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    Failure of server APACHE bridge

      I have deployed Oracle Fusion Middleware and WebLogic 10.3.4 and have a J2EE application running in a managed server.
      I have created a wallet in for ohs1 in Enterprise manager and created a virtual host on port 4443 and pointed it to the new wallet.
      When I goto the URL https://servername:4443/ I am directed to the standard oracle "Welcome to Fusion Middleware" page, yay the virtual host is working and using the correct wallet.

      Now I want to direct inbound https requests on port 4443 to the application deployed on the magaged server (port 7004). In the virtual host (located in the httpd.conf) for port 4443 I created the following lines for mod_wl_ohs but when I try to goto the applications page I get the "Failure of server APACHE bridge" error.

      <IfModule weblogic_module>
      <Location /COES>
      SetHandler weblogic-handler
      WebLogicHost servername.us
      WeblogicPort 7004
      SecureProxy On
      WlSSLWallet "/u2/app/oracle/product/OFM11g/asinst_1/config/OHS/ohs1/keystores/servername"

      Am I doing this wrong? Or am I missing a step?
      Thanks for the help.