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    server have delay on network and oracle database


      I just installed Oracle Linux 6.2 and ran the Oracle Data Base 11g R2.

      but there is a problem, when i try to connect to database in 'sqlplus' from local or network it takes time to login or response for bad user or password.

      i have the same database on Windows 2008 r2 but there is not such this problem .

      also, when I try to connect to server waya putty it takes time to authenticate the users and password.

      is there any one help to solve my mistake?
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          You already posted the same question yesterday, and your post was moved to the Database General Froum.

          responce latency in DATABASE

          Again, there is not enough information in your post to address a complex problem. The slowness of database login and login of putty are not necessarily the same issue. Your login to the database could be slow because of a bad network configuration or DNS issue. The slowness of PuTTy could be a bad version of Putty, which had problems finding the correct authentication. Make sure you use the latest version of PuTTy.