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    Applying DB seq in ADF...

      In the book "Quick start guide to Oracle Fusion Development" - two methods for applaying a DB sequence are described.

      1) - this methods gives me a JBO-25030

      import  oracle.jbo.server.SequenceImpl.

      +protected Number nextVal(String sequenceName) {+
      SequenceImpl s = new SequenceImpl(sequenceName, getDBTransaction());
      return s.getSequenceNumber();

      +protected void create(AttributeList attributeList) {+

      2) this methods gives me a JBO-29000
      Edit Attribute dialog for YourAttribute, set Value
      Type to “Expression” and enter “adf.object.nextVal("YourSequenceNameInDataBase");”

      Needles to say that the sequence exists with synonym and all. Same error when using the sequence from the HR-schema.

      Using Jdev

      Any advice (besides using another approach - like a db trigger)