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    PO was created with the wrong supplier name

      Dear all,

      PO was created and awarded to the wrong supplier and not to supplier that delivered the wanted items with a quantity of 8 pieces.

      The issue is that the PO was processed and received on the system under the wrong supplier and since the item was urgent an MO for 2 pieces immediately was raised and was TRANSACTED on the system at the same time.

      I would like to correct the PO by changing the supplier’s name but to do that that the delivered items (8 pieces) need to be RETURN on the on the system under the RECEIVING module for it to be canceled and create another PO.

      Store do the RETURN process but since MO for 2 pieces was already transacted only 6 pieces was returned on the system so the I canceled the PO but with only 6 pieces of quantity.

      Now the question is what is the best way to do in order to correct the PO of 8 pieces?
      What is the best to be done for the 2 pieces MO that were already transacted on the system with the wrong supplier?

      Thanks ..