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    Embedded database: Reusing Oracle Stored Procedures


      One of our legacy system is developed using Oracle Forms having Oracle database at backend. We need to develop offline counterpart of this application. I am looking for an embedded database which can support executing existing Oracle stored procedures. I understand normally the embedded databases are light weight and mostly have certain constraints. Let me know if you know any such database please where I can reuse Oracle stored procedures (data layer).

      Sanjay Kedare
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          Your options are pretty limited when it comes to stored procedures in embedded databases. One of the ways that embedded databases stay lightweight and fast is by eschewing the heavier features of a traditional RDBMS.

          One solution I've heard about is from a company called metatranz. They have a product that can convert stored procedures to C code that should be compatible with Berkeley DB. Please note that I have no first-hand knowledge about metatranz or their product, so I"m not recommending it; merely suggesting that it's something that might work. YMMV.

          If you do try it, please post back here with the results.