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    Oracle ODBC drive in linux client to connct with mono application


      Apologies me if I am posting this question in a wrong thread.

      I am creating a cross platform database application using Mono. It uses oracle database as back end. I used ODBC drive to connecting database. I can connect to database using this following connection string in my windows machine

      Driver={Oracle in OraDb11g_home1};Server=localhost;Uid=system;Pwd=manager

      For Linux I uses Linux Oracle OS for Database server. I installed oracle client in my fedora OS. and cofigure the client using net cofiguration assistant tool with oracle client. client connection working OK. Then I try to connect with my mono application using the followig connction string

      Driver={Oracle ODBD Drive};Server=orcl;Uid=system;Pwd=manager

      but the above connection string not worked

      please help me....
      I am using Oracle 11g version. Do I need to install any other ODBC driver to access oracle database
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          You did not say what the error message was. What was the error message?

          You might need to modify a file named config
          found in MONO_PREFIX\etc\mono

          In the config file, look for the mapping for the linux oci shared library. I think it could be libclntsh.so or something. Oracle 11g might have the version attached to the shared library filename, such as, libclntsh.so.11

          I am not looking at my installation, so I have to go by memory here. Either change the mapping in the config file to match your actual shared library filename or you will need to create a link (or symbolic link) to it.