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    Mapping related issues in OLAP

      Hi ,

      I am working with Oracle's Analytical Workspace Manager,

      Using this tool i have created the dimensions,levels,attributes also provided mappings to it and build it as a cube.

      Hence no data has been reflected in the cube from the source DB.

      Please, help me out to do this right a way. Also I need to know what are prerequisites for mapping the fields with any source DB to build the cube.

      Thanks in advance

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          Being new to OLAP and using the AWM. I made a lot of mistakes.
          One approach that helped me to get through it was to work on one dimension at a time:
          Define a Dimension. Levels. Hierarchies. Attributes. Mappings.
          Then Populate your Dimension (right click on your Dimension name and "Maintain your Dimension")
          If it populates correctly then repeat for your other dimensions.

          Once you are sure your dimensions are ok and populated, then go onto the design of your cube.

          Hope this helps.