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    GenerateComponentPortalURL not able to by pass the target Search Page

      I am trying out with something using GenerateComponentPortalURL With the Hover Text concept:

      For &j = 1 To &RS.ActiveRowCount

      /* Set the Record You Are Working With */
      &Rec = &RS(&j).SRCH_TBL;

      /* Make Hyperlink Text to be whatever you want */
      &LinkName = &Rec.EMPL_ID.Value;

      &Key1Value = &Rec.EMPL_ID.Value;

      &AdditionalParameterString = "&EMPLOYEE_ID=" | &Key1Value;

      /* Build the Transfer URL: the new component/page you will be transferred to by pressing this hyperlink */
      &TransURL = GenerateComponentPortalURL(%Portal, %Node, MenuName.MENUNAME, %Market, Component.COMPONENTNAME, Page.PAGENAME, "U") | &AdditionalParameterString;

      /* Create the desired Hover Text for this row */
      &Hover_Text = "Details for Employee ID: " | &LinkName;

      /* Assigning the Hyperlink Text, Hover Over Text, and the URL */
      &Final_String = GetHTMLText(HTML.HTMLNAME, &LinkName, &Hover_Text, &TransURL);

      &RS(&j).SAMPLE_WRK.HTMLAREA.Value = &Final_String;


      It is working absolutely fine in showing me the Hover Text/ also taking correct search ket by it's just not bypassing the Search page in target component.

      Am I missing out with something ..
      Any help???

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