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    Admin Console Restarts

      I'm running on Windows 7 64 bit with Oracle/Sun Webserver 7.0 Update 8. When I use the admin console, I am randomly logged out and directed to the login page. At first, I thought that this was a issue with the latest version of Google Chrome. However, I now experience this problem on IE 8 and Firefox as well. I looked in the error logs for the admin console webserver and I notice that I'm not actually being logged out. The entire admin console webapp is restarting whenever I get redirected to the login screen. For example:

      [06/Aug/2012:09:30:22] info (12136): CORE5076: Using [Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM, Version 1.6.0_17] from [Sun Microsystems Inc.]
      [06/Aug/2012:09:30:22] info (12136): WEB0100: Loading web module in virtual server [admin-server] at [admingui]
      [06/Aug/2012:09:30:22] info (12136): WEB0100: Loading web module in virtual server [admin-server] at [jmxconnector]
      [06/Aug/2012:09:30:24] info (12136): HTTP3072: admin-ssl-port: https://my.host.name:8989 ready to accept requests
      [06/Aug/2012:09:30:24] info (12136): CORE3274: successful server startup

      Does anyone have any idea about what is causing this? There is no stack trace in the admin server's logs.

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          On one other note, I was accessing the admin console using https://localhost:8989

          I started trying https://my_ip_address:8989 and it seems to be more reliable, but I haven't tried it long enough to know if this fixes the problem.
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            Do you have any antivirus/antispyware application installed (even the default windows ones) that may be killing the admin server due to it running java and opening ports for network access? Most advanced features such as heuristic detection can cause such behaviour.
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              I do have Norton AntiVirus, but it doesn't do any sort of heuristics or restarts to my regular webserver instances. I have probably 10 different webapps all running on really weird ports and none of them exhibit this behavior. Only the administrative Sun WebServer admin console.
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                Your web instances listen on ports and serve requests, the admin server in addition connects to other ports as well and invokes privileged services to do its work which can be seen as suspicious by antivirus software scanning for trojans. If the resources requested by the admin server are denied to it constantly, then it will run out of connection resources eventually and die. This is a windows feature.