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    update the database.

      I have a (server 1) on RHEL. I have upgraded it to (server 2) on Windows 2003 Server. Tis was done three months back. The user have tested server 2 and said it is OK. Now they are ready to make it "the production" one. Now I have to update the database. (since during the period of testing, the server 1 was production and have more updated data.) How would I do that? Do I have to delete the old database on server 2, again create a new database, and then do the exp and imp? or is there another way?

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl identify the process you used to upgrade the "test" database - you will need to follow the same process again

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            I did an exp and imp full. I created a blank plain database and created the tablespaces. then I imported the exp dump. I just got the confusion because by then the db was fresh, but now there is some data (which is two/three months old).

            I am doing a full exp and then import and see.

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              Make a full export but only import the application schema's.

              Before doing that you have to drop the application schema user (cascade) and create the user again.
              The related tablespaces will still be there but they are empty because of dropping the schema user.

              After that you can import only the application schema's from the full export.

              Finally your production database is still the same but the application schema is updated with the latest data from the export dump.
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                You should be doing full export and import as you did in the first case. But you need to keep in mind if you added something during last 3 months in production, which will not be tested.