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    Unable to play back due to " No Title - Close window " in the recording


      I am trying to use Oracle EBS/forms functional testing.
      Once the recording is started , I give the URL of the forms based application in the browser and give the login credentials in the application window.
      However, the recording has only the following:

      [1]No title
      Close window ("@index='0'")
      [2]Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms Services
      Forms Screen shot ( which has a blank screen)

      The launching of the browser is not getting captured and hence am not able to playback.
      Is there any setting I am missing out on?

      Kindly provide your suggestions.
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          Are you trying to record locally (using localhost or in the url)?

          What is your ATS version?
          What is your web browser?
          Can you use the diagnose Tool to see if something is wrong (Help -> Diagnose tool).

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            It doesn't appear that this questions has been answered so I'd like to add my own similar issues to the thread in hopes that someone can help out.

            First off, I'm running OpenScript with IE 8. I ran the Diagnostics Tool, and the only error I get is "IE XSS Security Settings" specific to load testing, which is not the issue. I am also storing new scripts to a shared drive.

            There are two issues I am facing, one of which is addressed above. Whenever I start recording a new Functional script (Web or EBS), the only step recorded when navigating web pages is the "Close Window" step. Once, I launch Oracle forms, all other interaction with the forms is recognized and recorded. So, in essence, the script will launch a browser and subsequently close it. This is obviously not the expected result and has only come up within the past week.

            The other issue I have encountered, which I assume is related, comes during playback of a Functional script. When playing back, the browser successfully navigates to the correct URL, but it is unsuccessful in proceeding (Find Object timeout for the username field).

            These problems only exist for recording and playback of functional scripts and do not affect load test functionality. Also, to the comment above, the Launch Browser step is already a part of the Initialize phase for my scripts.

            I have done some basic troubleshooting by reinstalling OpenScript and IE with no luck.

            Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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