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    Asynchronous callback of OnReply from server to client via JSL

      I have a basic question, on how Asynchronous notification works with jolt client (jolt.jar), and Tuxedo server via JSL.

      When an event is posted in server, how does server performs a call back on java client, Jolt Session onReply function. How does the server routes Jolt event notification from server to client via JSL/JSH over Jolt Relay Adapter (JRAD).

      Using the Jolt API to Receive BEA Tuxedo Notifications

      class EventSession extends JoltSession{  
      public void onReply( JoltReply reply ) {   

      // who calls me?


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          Bob Finan-Oracle
          Not sure of the depth of the question you have but the following will provide some general background:

          The JRLY and JRAD (aka the "JOLT Relay")are transparent to JOLT client and servers:

          JOLT event subscription and notification usage is provided here:

          1)The above doc specifies that onReply() must be overridden to handle solicited and/or un-solicted event notifications.
          2)The connection-less and connection-retained modes mentioned in the above doc effect the sending of notifications.
          The JSL can define the mode (using -j RECONNECT/RETAINED and -T idletimeout) or if JSL -j ANY is used then clients can define the mode(enabling IDLETIMEOUT,setting==#, or disabling IDLETIMEOUT by setting==0)

          Hope this helps,
          Bob Finan