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    OLAP - Unable to create Mview

      Hi All,

      I am working with Analytical workspace manager Oracle 11g Release 2 ,

      I have created the cube successfully and can able to view the data from the cube, but when i am trying to create the mview it throws the following error,

      The transaction is not committable: "An error has occurred on the server
      Error class: Express Failure
      Server error descriptions:
      DPR: cannot create server cursor, Generic at TxsOqDefinitionManager::generic<CommitRoot>
      INI: XOQ-01714: "STUD.ACADEMICS" failed validation as a non-ragged hierarchy., Generic at TxsOqStdFormCommand::execute

      Please help me out to fix the above issue and guide me in the right way.

      Thanks in advance

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          OLAP supports ragged and skip level hierarchies, but not when there are MVs. This is due to restrictions in the the MV rewrite system. So my guess, based on the error message, is that you have a ragged hierarchy. It is also possible that there is some other compatibility issue, such as a skipped level, since this error is not always specific.

          One way to diagnose the issue would be to clear the dimension (and hence the cube) before enabling the MV. When you maintain the dimension you will almost certainly get the same kind of error, but the offending dimension members should be listed in the CUBE_DIMENSION_COMPILE table. Obviously you must not do this unless you are prepared to rebuild your cube.