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    JDBC driver extention

      where may I find JDBC driver extention for OracleDB to read blob data type?
      Old link to https://support.endeca.com/solutions_detail.jsp?id=advJdbcColumnHandler-1.1.1965 doesn't work.

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          pete f - oracle
          This is more of a question for the Endeca Experience Management Forum Technical Questions as this tool was more commonly used with a 6 Series MDEX pipeline.

          The Advanced JDBC Column Handler was an unsupported tool provided by Endeca prior to Oracle accusation. Oracle removed all unsupported tools and extensions from the Endeca site and the product as a part of remediation of the Endeca software to bring it to Oracle Coding Standards. For tools that are no longer available your best bet would be to repost this on the Endeca Experience Management Forum and request if someone has a copy of the tool to send it to you.
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            doug b - oracle
            A remediated version of the Advanced JDBC Column Handler extension for Oracle Endeca Guided Search is available for download from Oracle's Software eDelivery Cloud server, https://edelivery.oracle.com. You should be able to download it by following these steps:

            1. Navigate to the site URL; register or sign in as prompted.

            2. Select the Oracle Endeca product pack and your desired platform (Linux or Windows) from the drop-down controls, then click the Go button.

            3. Click the Oracle Endeca Guided Search (6.x) Media Pack link that appears (or select its radio button and click the Continue button).

            4. On the results page, find the entry for the desired component ( Oracle Endeca Advanced JDBC Column Handler 6.1.2 for Generic Platform ) and click the Download button to its left.

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              Thanks a lot for information collegues