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    the escape character in the  where clasue fileter  on logical layer

      My application requires "WHERE Clause" filter on logical layer 's table where an in-list is passed from a session variable.

      for example , I get an session named "UserList" as ( 'jack','ken');

      and I want to filter the information by the Userlist, but it seems has have escape charater problem, the single quote will cause problem.
      it work all right when I add " 'jack','ken' " manually in where caluse, but if I use VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."userList") , it failed,

      there are some information for your reference:
      1. in the answer, I want to know the value of "UserList", here I show it in statc text: @{biServer.variables["NQ_SESSION.UserList"]}

      it shows like below

      2. in the session vailable initializaiton block, I test it , the "Userlist" work well, it get 'jack','ken' as we expected.

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