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    WLST, starting AdminServer with deployment em (enterprise manager)

      Hi all,
      i'm new to these forums and have a question about wlst. I've managed to write a script to startup the adminserver through wlst. I installed the enterprise manager and soa suite in the domain too. My problem is that when I start the AdminServer through wlst (nodemanager) the deployments that are installed on the AdminServer (for enterprise manager) have a state Failed. When I use the predefined script startWebLogic.sh then the deployments are started and become active. When I start the adminserver started through wlst then they have a status failed.

      Has anyone a script or an idea on how to get these AdminServer deployments active through wlst? startApplication('em') also returns to a failed state. The only way I can get it to work is to use the script startWebLogic.sh.

      Thanks for any help. :)