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    Deployment to file

    Kurt Geens
      Is it possible to deploy a warehouse builder project to a script or file, and use this file to remotely deploy the project on a client database?

      We have a centralised design repository, which is used to build a standardised data warehouse for several customers. The same project is deployed to various sites using the location management of OWB, which works brilliantly for the given situation. However, a new customer now has very rigid security policies, one of them being that they don't allow remote VPN access to their database servers. Therefore it's not possible to deploy from our central design repository to their target database.

      It would be convenient if it was possible to deploy to a file of some sort, which could be ran as a script at the customer site against the runtime control center user. However, such a possibility does not seem to be included in the OWB client... Does anyone have an idea how to achieve deployment in such a set up, that does not include duplicating our design repository at the customer site?
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          David Allan-Oracle
          If it is pure mappings and PLSQL the following is an approach that is possible;

          Otherwise a repository is needed and could be scripted using OMB - which is a route that others take.