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    Problem with Calculated Field

      well, i have this problem:

      when i add a product and i enter the customization (personalize, etc) then i press done, in my view where the line item is i have a calculated that shows the sum of all the price of all of the line items in the order.

      for example:

      product 1 (price 50) quantity 1.
      product 2 (price 30) quantity 1.
      product 3(price 20) quantity 1.

      calculated field = 100
      the problem is this, When i change the quantity of any of these products to any value for example change the product 1 to quantity 2
      product 1( price 50) quantity 2
      product 2 (price 30) quantity 1
      product 3 (price 20) quantity 1.
      Calculated field = 50 (only product 2 +product 3).

      its like when you change the quantity the price of the product is not aplying, i notice that, if i enter the customization (after chaging the quantity to 2) and press done the calculated field is updated and it shows 150...

      i dont know why if i dont press customize to the product the quantity is not being used and the price is counted as 0...

      thanks alot!