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    Adding a new IO Unit in M8000 server

      Hi All,

      We need to install a IO unit in one of our M8000 server. We have only one domain configured and we want to assign this IO unit to that domain.
      Could somebody tell me what are the steps need to be done for this.

      Thanks in advance.
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          For add IO Unit to M8000 you must have corresponed CPU-Memory board. ( CMU).

          After, on XSCF you create additional XSB ( one - Uni-mode or 4 - Quad-mode).
          Add new XSB to domain.

          All step described at the DOC:
          All list: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19170-01/index.html

          For this procedure: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19170-01/821-2796-11/index.html Section - Add system Board.

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            Thanks for your reply. we want to add this IO unit as 3rd one as we have 2 IO units already. Do I need to do these steps in this case? or I just need to insert the IO unit and it will be Dynamically reconfigured and added to the domain?

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              How many CPU-boards you have at this moment ?
              Are you plan install additional CPU boards ?

              Descibed steps required at any case. It's part of Dynamic Reconfiguration.

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                @ O.P.,
                For a system as expensive to purchase as that,
                and for a system as complex as that,
                you surely have service contract coverage on that box.
                I suggest you log a SR with Oracle Support directly.
                (Doesn't your organization deserve to utilize the benefits of that support contract?)

                The advice you have received thus far in this thread is correct but you need to realize that these forums are NOT a way to contact Technical Support. They are for the user community. There is no guarantee that any future responses will be accurate because you have no guarantee who else might jump in and throw an opinion at you.

                Continue with your forum communications but you will not get a definitive answer until to communicate directly with Oracle, through that SR.