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    rman error

      Dear gurus

      i am facing problem in rman restore.

      i have a database in 1 server on windows..earlier there were some archives which i deleted.now before taking rman backup i crosschecked archivelog n take backup

      rman>crosscheck archivelog all;

      {allocate channel ch1 type disk format 'D:\backup\db%U';
      backup database include current controlfile format 'D:\backup\control%U';
      backup archivelog all format 'D:\backup\archive%U';
      release channel ch1;

      it was successfull

      nw i need to store it in another server with same directory and different backup location

      i did

      RMAN> restore controlfile from 'full_path_control_file_bck_piece' ;

      RMAN> alter database mount ;

      RMAN> catalog backuppiece 'full_path_bck_piece_1' ;
      RMAN> catalog backuppiece 'full_path_bck_piece_2' ;
      RMAN> catalog backuppiece 'full_path_bck_piece_3' ;

      RMAN> restore database ;

      but on restore of archivelog it give error

      rman 06025 no backup of archived log with thread 462 to 599 as i deleted those earlier

      i tried with different commands but to no use

      rman>restore archivelog all from sequence 599;

      but all failed'
      please advise