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    Source DB on RAC, Archived Log Downstream Capture:Logs could not be shipped

      I don't have much experience in Oracle RAC.

      We are implementing Oracle Streams using Archived-Log Downstream capture. Source and Target DBs are 11gR2.

      The source DB is in RAC (uses scan listeners).

      To prevents, users from accessing the source DB, the DBA of the source DB shutdown the listener on port 1521 (changed the port number to 0000 in some file). There was one more listener on port 1523 that was up and running. We used port 1523 to create DB link between the 2 databases.

      But, because the listener on Port 1521 was down, the archived logs from the source DB could not be shipped to the shared rive. As per the source DB DBA, the two instances in RAC use this listener/port to communicate with each other.

      As such, when we ran DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.CREATE_CAPTURE procedure from the target DB, the Logminer Data Dictionary that was extracted from the source DB to the Redo Logs was not avaialble to the target DB and the streams implementation failed.

      It seems that for the archived logs to ship from the source DB to the shared drive, we need the listener on the port 1521 up and running. (Correct me if I am wrong ).

      My question is:

      Is there a way to shutdown a listener to prevent users from accessing the DB and have another listsener up so that the archived logs can be shipped to the shared drive ? If so, can you please give the details/example ?

      We asked the same question to the DBA of the source DB and we were told that it could not be done.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Make sure that the dblink "using" clause is referencing a service name that uses a listener that is up and operational. There is no requirement that the listener be on port 1521 for Streams or for shipping logs.
          Chapter 4 of the 2Day+ Data Replication and Integration manual has instructions for configuring downstream capture in Tutorial: Configuring Two-Database Replication with a Downstream Capture Process