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      Hey All,

      Is there a way to get Ops Center authenticating either with the operating system fully (I'm using kerberos authentication) or have its own authentication store?

      I don't know why it insists on using local authentication. I'd much rather have a separate username/password for it so I don't need to create local OS users to mirror my Ops Center users...

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          It is supposed to be using whatever user name space the EC is using from the OS side. If it's not, then there's a problem.

          Are you saying you can login/ssh to the EC as, say, user "rob", but you can't login to the OC UI as user "rob" using the same credentials?

          I'm a little confused by your last sentence too.
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            Hi User,

            Thanks. I went to demonstrate to myself that I could log in as my user "rob" through the OS but not Ops Center and realized I hadn't gotten this system re-registered through the FreeIPA server.

            I'm up and running now!