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    EBS 11.1 10gr2 database to 11gr2 database on new hardware.

      I've been following article 557738.1 which appears to be the correct documentation to follow to move EBS 11i given my scenario. Yet, I've gotten to the point of recreating the database on a database that is a 2 node RAC. I admit that I'm not an expert when it comes to DBA tasks. Yet, I have created/managed RAC databases from time to time over last couple years. I do know that the instruction are applicable to creating a RAC database using the sql script mentioned in 557838.1. In fact, its not the preferred method to be used on create a RAC database in 11gr2. I've used DBCA to generate the create database "scripts" to compare with but they seem so different from the method used in 557738.1 that I am concerned.

      Can someone nudge me in the right direction?

      Would I be better off modify the process to create a standalone database that I then RAC enable?

      What would you recommend the best process to use when going from EBS 11i on 10gr2 to 11gr2 on new hardware?