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    ORA-01001: Invalid Cursor


      I've been using OO4O for several years now without a problem. Out of the blue yesturday, an application started getting an 'ORA-01001: Invalid Cursor' error in it's "OraDatabase.DbCreateDynaset(sql_stmnt, 0&)" statement.
      I've narrowed down the problem to be when the query returns no rows. If any rows are returned, it works fine.

      I'm using OO4O version, and the table I'm querying is actually on a DB2 database, via a gateway through an Oracle database. To my knowledge, no upgrades were made, but I'm assuming some change must have taken place as this is used everyday.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          As an update, but not much help, if I include a to_char() around the fields I'm bringing back, the error doesn't occur.
          I remove the to_char(), and I'm back to the 'Invalid Cursor' error when no rows are returned.
          Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but the Transparent Gateway is version 9.2.