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    Pro C Compilation error 1506-046

      I am trying to compile a pro c code and it throws an error shown below-

      "oracle-fns.c", line 117.8: 1506-046 (S) Syntax error.
      "oracle-fns.c", line 125.1: 1506-046 (S) Syntax error.
      the oracle-fns.c file is feting created from oracle-fns.pc file which is a pro c code!

      on opening the oracle-fns.c file; the area its pointing to is having a declaration for extern!

      Can someone help me in this regard!
      my make file has the following flags set- pointing to the oracle libraries

      PC_LDFLAGS =-m64 -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/lib -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/rdbms/public -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/rdbms/demo -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/plsql/demo -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/plsql/public -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/network/public -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/bin
      PC_LIBS = -lclntsh -lsql11

      Any help is highly appreciated!