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    ODC configure DB connection - error - Oracle provider for OLE DB

    VikrantKorde 1
      Hi All,

      I have windows 7 - 64 bit system on which i am trying to configure ODC I am trying to connect to Oracle DB 11g server 64 bit installed on some other machine in network.
      I have installed following softwares on my system
      - Oracle DB client 64 bit 11g
      - ODC
      - ODAC 64 bit for 11g

      First time when you start ODC it asks for DB configuration. There i am trying to configure DB connection using "Oralcle Provider for OLE DB".
      That time it gives me below error.
      Provider is no longer available. Ensure provider is installed properly.

      I tired installing ODAC 32 bit also, but the error persists.

      Vikrant Korde.