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    iPad Compatibilty

      We are seeing more and more users wanting our Agile PLM for Process on their iPads. Internet Explorer doesnt run on these devices.
      Is Oracle looking into making this system run under Safari or any other Apple compatible browser?
      Right now its mostly executives wanting to sign off on Sig Requests. Any ideas about providing Apps for certain functions like Signature Requests?
      Could we write our own apps using the API Extensions?
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          Please submit enhancement requests and provide the use cases where users would like to use mobile devices and/or alternate browsers. We will use your request and others to help prioritize feature functionality.

          Mobile Use Case Examples:
          1. Specification managers would like to be able to use their mobile devices to approve specifications. The mobile device is necessary so that approvals can be obtained faster.

          2. R&D would like to use their mobile devices to edit formulations. The mobile device is neccessary because they are working in a kitchen and not behind a desk.

          3. Nutrition would like to use their mobile devices to enter nutrition values from the lab. The mobile device is necessary because they are off site and not behind their desktops.

          Alternate Browser Use Case Examples
          1. Nutrition wants to be able to use firefox or safari because they are on apple desktops.

          You can write your own interface that supports multiple browsers and/or mobile devices. The use cases will decide how complex the task will be. For example, seeing a read only report of a specification would be less complex than providing an specification editor.
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